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Arduino LCD Birthday Card 


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Arduino LCD Birthday Card 

Written By: arduino421 


Arduino (1) 
LCD-Display (1) 
10K Potentiometer (1) 
Hook-up wire (16) 
Solderless breadboard (1) 


Paper birthday cards are boring... 

So let's build an "Arduino LCD birthday card!" 

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Arduino LCD Birthday Card 

• Here are the materials you need: 

• Arduino, LCD Display, 10K 
Potentiometer, USB cable, some 
hook-up wires and a solderless 

Step 2 

• First we connect the 5V and the 
Ground to the rails of the 

• Then we add the potentiometer and 
connect it to 5V and Ground. 

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Arduino LCD Birthday Card 

• Now we add the display and 
connect it to 5V (second pin) and 
Ground (first pin). 

• We connect the third pin of the 
LCD to the "wiper" (middle pin) of 
the potentiometer. 

Step 4 

• Now turn the backlight on! Connect 
the sixteenth pin to Ground and the 
fifteenth pin to 5V. 

• Plug in the USB cable and you 
should see the backlight light up! 

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Arduino LCD Birthday Card 

• Now it's time to connect the data 
pins! The list that follows is: 
Display Pin -> Arduino Pin 

• 4^12 

• 5-M1 

• 6^ 10 

• 7/8/9/10 = No connection 

• 11 -»7 

• 12^6 

• 13 ^5 and 14^4 

Step 6 

9 liappybtrthday | Avduino QOlfi 

File Edit Sfcefch Torts Hdp 

©@ [d]iie0 a 

LiauiflCcystal lcd(12, II, 10, 1, 6, S, 4); 

void set((p() { 

led, ki^ginUe, 4); 

led. satCuesoi (0,0) ; 

led, ptini ("Dean Ton/'); 


led. sretCuEsor (0,1); 

lcd.pEintCl msli you'" J h" 

tie J*yf 1000); 

ltd. 3ct£uc3oi(Q,2); 

led. pcint-Cgood luck fox"|; 

cielay(10QO| ; 

led. *etCUEior(0,3); 

led, print ("your birthday!")! 

vend loop (I ( 

Done Saving. 

I Bin*!!/ ilt»tcft ilia: iJfie bycti (tf * 14334 bye* uKimioJ 


Now it's time to program the 
Arduino! Start with the code in the 
picture at left. 


happyhirthrfay | And... 

4v tfcTfl 

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Arduino LCD Birthday Card 

• Now it's finished! Print a sweet 
frame, cut it out and put it over the 

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